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Item No. 3505010
Item Name BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking
Item Price US$29.99
Weight 140 Gram
Quantity 98 PCS in stock now!
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Introduction for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking
BMW Scanner V1.4.0 intended to work with BMW 3, 5, 7 series, X3, X5 SUV and Z4 roadster cars.
Descriptions for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

BMW Scanner 1.4.0 version


Good News! Our BMW 1.4.0 will never locking now!



Determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set

1, Searching of all units and reading:

 - identification data

 - odometer value

 - VIN and ADFG

 - programming info (UIF)

 - errors (DTC)


2, Reading and saving in files:

 - program memory


 - coding data

 - amount of DTCs and DTCs shadow-memory

 - live data

 - programming info (User Info Fields)


3, Copying ZCS (IKE - EWS) and FA (IKE - LCM) coding... and other functions in various units


4, "Unlocked" functions to show possibilities of full version:

 - DTCs description in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS4

 - Clearing DTCs in same units

 - EWS-DME synchronization code in DME MS43.0

 - Live data in DME MS43.0, EWS3, SRS MRS2 and MRS4

 - Status of all keys in EWS3

 - EWS3 coding data interpretation

 - Equipment correction in SRS MRS4


Package included:

1pc x BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 main unit

1pc x USB Cable


Some screenshots of BMW Scanner V1.4.0:

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Video for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

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Software for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

Documents for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

Configuration for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

F.A.Q for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

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Comments for BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Never Locking

    by lesnikov, 01:59:00, 2011/8/20
Hi This adapter can work with the car Rover75 ?

Replied, by admin, at 10:09:00, 2011/8/22

Hello, it does not support car Rover75.

    by lesnikov, 04:02:00, 2011/8/23
Hi! Which adapter supports the Rover?

Replied, by admin, at 16:14:00, 2011/8/23

Hello, you can search it from our website. Can you tell me the detail car model? What functions do you want? I can ask our engineer to recommend.

    by lesnikov, 02:44:00, 2011/8/24
Hi! I need a scanner to check engine, abs, airbags in the car Rover 75 release 2000-2003

Replied, by admin, at 15:59:00, 2011/8/24

Hello, i am sorry, we donot have the tool for your car model.

    by slicvic, 19:34:00, 2011/11/10
program will not load keeps saying hardware faulty

Replied, by admin, at 11:15:00, 2011/11/11

Hello, pls connect to your car, then run the software.

    by svc123, 09:39:00, 2011/11/22
what years does this scanner cover

Replied, by admin, at 13:54:00, 2011/11/23

Hello, it supports can procotol.
It supports the car till 2010.

    by ivica984, 06:24:00, 2012/1/15
hello how much for shipping to the serbia?

Replied, by admin, at 17:53:00, 2012/1/16

Hello, the shipping fee to serbia by DHL is 46usd, by HKP is 12usd.

    by Chusmirriasky, 06:25:00, 2012/3/5
What cable I need for conexion to my BMW e 38 728IA (year 1996) ?
This item only have the cable for PC...

Replied, by admin, at 15:09:00, 2012/3/5

Hello, this cable does not support the model in 1996. You can buy these items:

    by Chusmirriasky, 07:08:00, 2012/3/5
Good morning;
I have Windows 7. It works well in Windows 7?
Grettings and thanks.

Replied, by admin, at 15:06:00, 2012/3/5

Hello, you would better work it in windows XP system.

    by Chusmirriasky, 19:39:00, 2012/3/5
But,it would work in windows 7?

Replied, by admin, at 11:41:00, 2012/3/6

Hello, our engineer said it works on windows 32bits

    by bimmerfanz, 11:45:00, 2012/5/4

my E90 had immobilizer fault. can it reset the immobilizer system on my car?

Replied, by admin, at 10:24:00, 2012/5/5

Sorry, this item does not support it.

    by RobertSmith, 17:36:00, 2012/6/4
I have just got the BMW Scanner V1.4.0 intended to work with BMW 3, 5, 7 series, X3, X5 SUV and Z4 roadster cars. I have a 2001 X5 which software will be best original or new?

Replied, by admin, at 17:51:00, 2012/6/4

If you bought it recently, you can download the new software.

    by RobertSmith, 18:17:00, 2012/6/4
Thanks I had it from you about 2 weeks ago and now ready to use it (This is my first BMW). I am not new to ECU programming as I have a Nissan interface EPROM emulator and hex editor for my 300XZ. Is there a good help file in the program? If not where can I get some detailed instructions and all the acronyms used?

Replied, by admin, at 15:44:00, 2012/6/5

Hello,before run the software, pls connect it to car.

    by Studio, 07:00:00, 2015/2/15
i have the problem with connection error with ike and ews ?? need help please

Replied, by admin, at 10:39:00, 2015/2/25

Did you contact by email?

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