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How to Use Discount Code


1. Login with your user name and password.

2. Add items to your shopping cart.

3. Click checkout button, you see the place where you can enter the discount code(also
called coupon code).

4. Enter the suitable discount code according to the amount of your order. 

                      Coupon code AAAA: 5% discount off for orders over 300USD

                      Coupon code BBBB: 8% discount off for orders over 1000USD

                      Coupon code CCCC: 10% discount off for orders over 2000USD

5. Click confirm discount code, the discount off amount will be displayed:

6. Fill out the required data as follow.

7. Click Continue button to submit your order.

8. You can check out online with your PayPal or credit card account. You can also check
out it later in your member centre.

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