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UPKEY Online Original Authorized Account for ECU online Programming for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Benz

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UPKEY Online Coding Account Original Authorized for Audi ECU Diagnostic Programming (One month Experience) 


What blinding things this is! -This is good things you need.


Online programming market is very confused at present. Many suppliers share an account to many customers, that cause the account is often locked. This seriously interfere with the normal operation of the market.
In order to avoid such incidents and protect the benefit of the final customers, our service station recently developed a USB Key account service procedures. 

UPKEY Account advantages are as follows:

1, More safe. Real original authorized account not share. 
A, after customer paid for account, we will directly apply account to the service station. When account make done generation, the service station will import account information into UpKey and set their internal number, and then give the Up Key to the customer. This protect account detailed information. It automatically generates and submits single-time use account information when use.
B, After customer received Up Key, when plug the UpKey into the computer for the first time programming, the service station will receive and bind corresponding computer ID of the UpKey. This will complete the corresponding setting for "account - Up Key - computer". It avoids account leakage and UpKey lost, stolen and so on from it's source. 

2, More easy to use - UPKEY Usage: 
I, First time use: plug UpKey into the work computer, the system automatically pop-up client installer program software, please agree and install it, and fill in customer information. After registration done then it can normal use.
II, Up Key use method: When the customer need programming, please plug UpKEY into the work of computer at first, select the correct models in the client program, the system will complete the authentication work automatically, no need to manually enter the account.

3, More stable not change. 
A, based on the above-mentioned protection measures, the previous account often change the password and our time does not match causing the account is not 24 hours work. These situations will not happen.
B, even if the account password changed, the service station will automatically switch to emergency account, the time is not more than 5 minutes. It will not affect customer use, and all switching operation automatically make done by computer.

4, More convenient to save
Customer bought a car model account and got a Up Key. If you need to re-purchase other models account in the future, we can apply the new model account information for the same Up Key, customer will not need to bring many Up Key and distinguish between of them, to avoid Loss and management confusion. Of course, you can also apply a new Up key, not on the same Up Key. 

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